If you like to make wacky statements about the law, you may want to check out our list of unusual laws. We’ve included such laws as: Chasing a pig, disrespecting currency, and defending religious beliefs. Read on to learn more. This list doesn’t even come close to all the crazy laws that are out there. However, you may find one or two you’ve never heard of that you can’t live without knowing.

Defending religious beliefs

While freedom of belief is an absolute, the right to do what you want should be as well. That is, if you’re against vaccinations or abortion, or oppose the death penalty, you can choose to be religious or not. But if you choose not to be religious, you may face legal troubles. Defending religious beliefs with unusual laws could allow you to maintain your religious practice while still protecting others.

Dressing up as a police officer

Did you know that dressing up as a police officer is against the law? The state of Illinois makes it illegal to impersonate a police officer, and a costume may get you arrested in Manhattan or Chicago. Though it may not be illegal in other states, the law is strict. While most police officers are likely to enjoy seeing a civilian in a costume, you should avoid waving fake guns, handing out citations, and donning pig noses.

Chasing a pig

If you’re not familiar with Minnesota’s newest law, chasing a pig is prohibited in the state. In 1971, it was deemed a cruel act because of the danger it poses to humans and the pig. The resulting video has gone viral. However, some skeptics say that the pig in the video was in fact a dead pig, which is the exact opposite of what the law says.

Using your hands to catch fish

Using your hands to catch fish is illegal in Michigan. While it’s perfectly legal to use your hands to catch fish in other states, this is illegal in Michigan. The penalties for violating this law are similar to those in football games: a fine of up to $500 and up to 90 days in jail. Michigan also punishes anyone who attempts to catch fish without a license, with penalties ranging from $25 to $250.

Using loose-fitting trunks in public pools

France has a strange policy involving swimming trunks. You aren’t supposed to wear long trunks in the city, but that’s not a problem at a public pool, right? People use these shorts as their shorts, which pollutes the pool’s water with dirt. In addition, tight-fitting trunks can hold fewer litres of water.

Legality of mooning potatoes

The bizarre and strange laws pertaining to potatoes have caused many people to raise their eyebrows. One of these laws was passed in the United States by a state. While other states have no laws against mooning, some have stricter requirements. In western Australia, for example, you have to be within 50 kilograms to moon a potato. If you go over that limit, you can expect some harsh action from regulators. Mooning potatoes is not legal in Greece, where it is considered disrespectful. Sudan’s dress code is particularly strict, requiring women to wear dresses and cover their hair. Likewise, men are not allowed to belly dance in this state.