When we send flowers, choosing the right vehicle matters a lot. It decides how fresh the flowers will be when they reach their destination. Here are five standard vehicles for flower delivery by delivery services like the North York Florists.

flower delivery

1. Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are like boxes on wheels, which are handy for delivering flowers because of the space inside. This spaciousness makes it easy to return to many places, even those that are pretty far away. 

What makes cargo vans even more versatile is that we can modify them. For example, depending on the weather, we can make them cooler or warmer inside. This customization ensures that the flowers stay in the best possible condition throughout the journey.

2. Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are essential for delivering the flowers. These trucks are vital in flower delivery since they can control the temperature inside. This becomes important, especially when it’s hot or humid outside. They keep the environment calm and the flowers fresh and vibrant throughout delivery. 

3. Box Trucks

Box trucks are big and spacious inside, making them great for delivering flowers to many people. What’s cool about them is that you can change or customize them to fit a florist’s needs. This means adding ramps, cabinets, or shelves to make handling different types of flower deliveries easier.

4. Flower Trucks

These flower trucks are mainly used for delivering flowers. They have unique designs, like refrigeration and shelves, for the flowers to stay fresh. Some even have special boxes and awnings to display the flowers while they’re on the way.

What makes flower trucks even more interesting is how they are set up for displaying flowers. Some trucks have specially designed boxes where the flowers are arranged neatly. This helps in creating a charming presentation. Additionally, some flower trucks have awnings or small roofs to protect the flowers from the elements.  Whether it’s the sun shining too brightly or a bit of rain.

5. Piaggio Ape

In Europe, there’s a smaller vehicle called Piaggio Ape. It’s like a cute, vintage food truck but for flowers. It’s perfect for narrow streets and can be changed to keep the flowers cool or add shelves for delivery needs.

Its smaller size allows it to navigate tight spaces that might be challenging for larger delivery vehicles. This makes it a practical choice for delivering flowers in areas where the streets are narrower.

Considerations When Choosing a Vehicle

When we choose a vehicle to deliver flowers, we need to think about a few things. Is it comfortable? Does it have enough space for the flowers and the people? How far can it go without any problems? We are also considering adding things like ramps or shelves to improve it. Whether arranging flowers for a special occasion or looking for best flower delivery, keep these tips in mind.


To wrap it up, picking the right vehicle for delivering flowers is essential. We want one that fits our needs and only costs a little. Thinking about comfort, space, and special features helps us keep the flowers fresh. They provide that they are still in good condition during the journey to their new home.