What can you do if you lose your passport in a foreign country? If you have been travelling for a few months and you’ve lost your passport in another country, here are some steps to take. Without your passport you will not be able to travel or cross borders, so it can be quite a frightening experience. You should inform the airline within 72 hours, as you will not be able to travel outside the country until a new passport or Emergency Certificate arrives. You must also fill out DS-11 or DS-3053 to report your lost passport.

Form DS-64

The Form DS-64 to fill out IF you lose your passport in a foreign country is designed to be used to notify the government that you have lost your passport. This form is a PDF that requires you to provide some identifying information, such as your full name, sex, date of birth, and place of birth. You will also be asked to provide your social security number and current address. It is also required that you provide your email address and whether you have changed your name since you first applied for your passport.


When you lose your passport abroad, what can you do? You must fill out DS-64 and DS-11 forms to apply for a replacement passport. The DS-64 statement of identity and the photocopy of your passport are required. The passport photo must be an acceptable color. If you are traveling abroad, a copy of your current passport photo can also be submitted. You can also carry a copy of your itinerary.


There are several things you need to do if you lose your passport in a foreign country. The first is to complete Form DS-3053 to make sure that you are still eligible to travel. You can do this by notarizing it at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi or the Consulate General of the United States in Ho Chi Minh City. Then, you must mail the form to your wife, with a copy of your photo ID. This photo ID must match the photo ID that you used to notarize the Form DS-3053.


If you lose your passport in a foreign country, the first thing you need to do is report the loss to the nearest police station. From there, you can fill out a lost passport report and submit it to the nearest US embassy. Be sure to include all other necessary documents as proof of your identity, including the original passport. If you can’t get to a local police station, you can file this form online or over the phone.

DS-3053 for children’s lost passport

If you are a parent of a child and have lost their passport, you can submit a DS-3053 form to get a replacement passport. In addition to the passport application itself, you’ll need two photo IDs – one of which must be yours and one must be of the child’s. If the passport was not previously issued, the missing child must present an original copy of the child’s long form birth certificate.

Emergency passports

If you lose your passport in a foreign country, you may be able to get an emergency passport. These are a lot like regular passports, but only valid for one year. When you return home, you can exchange it for a standard passport without paying any extra fees. Processing times vary, but usually between four to six weeks. If you’re travelling to a foreign country and are experiencing lost or stolen passports, you can use an emergency passport.

Reporting a lost or stolen passport to the U.S.

The first step to replacing a lost or stolen passport is to report the lost passport to the U.S. State Department. A stolen passport can be used by someone to steal your identity or commit a crime. If you believe your passport has been stolen, you should immediately report it to the State Department. You can find the form on the State Department’s website. You must have a copy of your current passport to fill out the form.