It is understandable if you find shifting to e-liquids challenging at first. 

E-liquid, also known as e-juice, is typically used with electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. And when it comes to choosing suitable e-liquids online, there are some crucial factors you should take into consideration, like the nicotine content, the ratio of PG to VG, and the flavour.

Dive in to know more about them!


The Ultimate E-liquid Buying Guide – 5 Factors To Consider

1. The Amount of Nicotine

One of the top factors to consider when picking an e-liquid is the amount of nicotine. Nicotine is the reason behind tobacco addiction, which gives smokers their “hit.”

E-liquids come in various nicotine strengths, from 0mg (nicotine-free) to 36mg (extra-strong). The amount of nicotine you need will depend on a few factors, including your smoking habits and how much you want to wean yourself off cigarettes.

If you’re a heavy smoker (one pack or more daily), you’ll probably want to start with a higher nicotine strength, like 18mg or 24mg. If you smoke less than that or are just trying to cut back on nicotine, you can start with a lower strength, like 3mg or 6mg.

2. The Ratio of PG to VG

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the two main ingredients in e-liquids. They are both used as solvents, which means they help to dissolve the nicotine and flavourings in the liquid.

The ratio of PG to VG will affect the throat hit, vapour production, and flavour of your e-liquid. You should know that a higher PG count will lead to a less cloud formation with a very pronounced flavour. Likewise, a higher VG count will result in a smoother throat hit and more vapour production, but a sweeter taste.

3. The Flavor

Of course, flavour is an essential factor when it comes to e-liquids. There are thousands of different flavours to pick from, so you will surely find the one you like.

Some of the most popular e-liquid flavours include tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert, and candy. But there are more unique and exotic flavours, like coffee, tea, spices, and even alcohol!

4. Price

Another essential factor to consider is the price, which will vary depending on the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process. 

5. Brand

Finally, you’ll want to consider the brand of the e-liquid. There are many different brands out there, but not all stand the test of quality and flavor. So, do some research to find a reliable brand and then stick with it. 

You can also try out different flavours from different brands until you find what suits the best.


While one cannot consider e-liquids to be healthy, they definitely pose lower health risks when compared to cigarettes. However, some flavourings may lead to an allergic reaction, so test first before you purchase in bulk. 

Choose a good brand and get your e-liquid today!