As many believe vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, vapes are becoming more popular every day. For this reason, many different e-juice flavors are being manufactured. The bountiful varieties of these e-liquid flavors in Canada can cause the search for the best one to be so exciting. Vapers have various delicious flavors to choose from. Whether it’s a favorite fruit, satisfying dessert, or other delectable flavors, the best e-juice depends on the vaper’s taste. However, some flavors are more popular than others. In this post, we share the top five most commonly bought e-liquid flavors in Canada.

E-liquids Flavours

1. Strawberry-Passion fruit 

This flavor combines the sharp taste of passion fruit with the sweetness of strawberry. The result is delicious goodness that makes you feel like it is summertime once again. The right amount of nicotine will make this a perfect vape if you love fruit-flavored e-cigarettes. You can buy e-liquids online in Canada, and most shops offer varieties of fruity flavors. 

2. Menthol

There are various e-liquids for vapers to choose from. This flavor is popular among menthol lovers. Some vape it by themselves or mix it with other flavors, such as fruits or tobacco. If you want the coolness of menthol and minty flavor in your vape, a menthol-flavored one will give you that. 

3. Tobacco flavor

Tobacco is among the most popular flavors among those who stopped smoking. It gives rich, dark tobacco feels without the known taste of cigarettes. Most shops allow you to choose the nicotine strength, and they offer different sizes of the e-liquid.

4. Vanilla

If you prefer a gentle, sweet taste, vanilla-flavored vapes are a great choice. They give the real feeling of a vanilla bean and are quite popular because of this. Some vape with their morning coffee, others during dessert. It’s among the most delicious e-liquid flavors.

5. Blueberry

Blueberry falls under the juicy and sweet flavors. Blueberry is among the most popular e-liquid flavors because it is a much-loved delicious fruit. In many stores, it continues to remain among their best sellers.

Bonus: Apple

Apple is another very popular e-liquid flavor in Canada. Its tartness is blended nicely to provide a crisp and sweet feeling that only comes from apples. If you love the taste, then you should try this flavor.

Final remark

Finding the best e-juice flavor can be exciting with all the delicious options. You will find different types online, so there’s a lot to test. It helps to visit several websites and browse their different flavors. With these, you’ll have an idea of all the options available if you don’t like anyone on our list. Several other popular flavors exist, including spearmint, custard, orange, etc. The best one depends on your taste. If you love fruity flavors, the most popular tastes are blueberry, strawberry, and apple. But it still boils down to your choice. Many vapers who quit smoking or are trying to quit go for tobacco flavors.