When it comes to dealing with injuries and wounds, most people think that a visit to the doctor can make things alright. 

However, in some cases, the injury is such that it cannot be treated with medications and, in fact, can get worse. In situations where your general physician cannot treat such ailments, they can grow and even pose life-threatening risks. 

But what most people are unaware of is that in such conditions, a physiotherapist can help reduce or even prevent such risks. Here are some situations where a physiotherapist may help save your life. 

Situations Where A Physiotherapist Can Help Save Your Life

1. Helping Manage Conditions Like Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when your blood sugar is extremely high and, in severe cases, can pose a fatal risk. While medications can help to some extent, a physiotherapist can make the situation easier to manage.

They can create an exercise plan to help control blood sugar levels. Also, such conditions can lead to loss of sensation in certain areas, which can be alleviated by manual therapy to prevent the problem from worsening.

So, if you’re facing such problems, there are several experienced physiotherapists in Oakville you can visit. 

2. Dealing With Heart And Lung Diseases

Patients dealing with heart and lung diseases are at high risk of heart attacks and are generally prescribed cardiac rehabilitation. But a physiotherapist is also required if your normal functioning is affected.

This is because physical therapy generally involves movement and breathing exercises, which can help the body operate normally without causing strain.  

3. Aiding In Recovery From A Stroke

Strokes can be fatal, and even survivors often tend to lose a certain degree of motion after recovery. Medications and rest can aid in recovery to a certain extent but require some time to show results. 

That’s where a physiotherapist can be helpful, as they utilize manual therapy and prescribe exercises to strengthen the weakened body parts. They can also help patients regain their balance and gait, enabling normal movement without support.

4. Controlling Age-Related Problems

Old age is accompanied by a wide range of health issues, all of which are harder to treat due to the reduced functioning of the body. The muscles and bones also grow weak, and even the slightest injury or wound can quickly become a serious problem. 

In such a situation, a physiotherapist can help manage such conditions easily, preventing them from getting worse. Also, relying on physical therapy can reduce dependence on medications, reducing the chances of overdose. 

4. Preventing Worsening Of Ailments

A physiotherapist can prevent various ailments from worsening that can affect your normal functioning and even put your life at risk. Such conditions include various neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s disease or spinal cord injuries, skin injuries like burns, and many others. 

In all these conditions, medications should be accompanied by physical therapy for all-round effective treatment. 


While many people overlook the importance of a physiotherapist in dealing with health conditions, they can play a crucial role in the treatment process. This is especially true in cases where medications fail to provide effective results or are effective only to a certain extent. 

Interestingly, physiotherapists also provide guidance and education to patients, and their methods do not have any side effects, unlike medications. So, if you’re dealing with a serious health issue or know someone else who is, contact your nearest physiotherapist today.