If you have been charged to court for a crime, your immediate course of action is to get a lawyer. Contacting a criminal law firm in Winnipeg will first reduce the psychological pressure. The lawyer you work with will assist with many things. The most important will be safeguarding your legal rights and defending you in court. Choosing the right one is essential to ensure you have a great defense strategy and a chance of acquittal.

Criminal Law Firm

It is good to compare legal services before picking a criminal law firm to handle your case. Here’s how to compare and choose:

Find out the firms’ specialty areas

Many law firms exist in Winnipeg and across Canada. Some offer full service. Others specialize in specific areas, such as divorce, family, criminal defense, and immigration law. If you are facing criminal defense charges, you want the services of a criminal law firm. They will be better equipped in terms of experience and expertise for your case. Therefore, your first screening should be based on specialization.

Compare experience according to your legal needs

Consider how serious the charge is while checking on experience. You want a lawyer who has handled your type of case many times in the past. A minor criminal charge may not require an experienced lawyer because you also compare costs. But if you are dealing with a severe case, you want a senior lawyer fighting for you. Or at least one with over ten years of experience in criminal defense.

Check online reviews 

Reviews help you see other people’s experiences with the law firms you’re considering. The ones with the highest rating may not necessarily be the best. However, you are looking for good comments that mention a similar case to yours. If one of the lawyers has several good reviews on a similar case, they might be worth considering. This comparison may also give you insight into the law firm’s expertise and the cost of its services.

Compare affordability 

Legal services aren’t cheap, and fees vary according to law firms. However, remember that expensive does not always mean acquittal or the best legal representation. However, experienced lawyers charge higher and inspire more confidence. You should consider the severity of the charges while comparing lawyers. If cost is an issue, you might want to settle for a lesser price lawyer rather than an expensive one. If the charges are less serious, a junior lawyer might be able to help you. And they charge a lower hourly fee. Your decision should depend on the crimes you are being accused of and your financial capacity.

A criminal defense law firm can help you all through the legal proceedings after you’re accused. They will do the following:

  • educate you on the process, 
  • advise you of different options, 
  • and represent you in the trial. 

Compare two or more firms, and settle with the best one you feel can fight for you. These tips will guide you in making the right choice.