Rather than joining a gym to stay in shape, a better alternative would be learning martial arts, which also helps in self-defence.

And a highly effective routine is Krav Maga, first developed by the Israeli Defence Forces. It involves a combination of several techniques, with even beginner-level moves proving lethal, provided you learn them right. 

That’s why this article shortlists the basic moves every beginner should perfect when they join a training centre. 

Krav Maga

5 Best Krav Maga Moves For Beginners

1. Perfecting The Stance

The first thing beginners must learn is perfecting the stance, and there are two that a Krav Maga training centre will teach you – neutral and guard stance. For the neutral stance, it’s important to keep the legs shoulder-width apart and let your hands hang by the side.

But the guard stance is more aggressive with the power leg behind and hands raised to the chin in defence or attack. Also, ensure the elbows are close to the ribs while the palms face outward to protect the chest or head when launching a counterattack.

2. Punches

Everyone knows how to throw a punch, but beginners learning martial arts are taught to make a fist by ensuring that the thumb covers the knuckle. So, when you take the guard stance, it becomes easier to make maximum impact, and all you need is to rotate the front foot while extending the arm.

Remember that the arm must be aligned with the shoulder and aim with your fist to strike an opponent horizontally.

3. Groin Kick

The groin kick is one of the most effective techniques for which you need to get up close to the opponent. Then kick upwards with the shin while generating power from the back leg for driving through and striking the attacker in the groin. 

Irrespective of whether you make contact with the shin or foot, this move leaves opponents paralyzed for a few seconds.

4. Bearhug Defence

While offence is the best form of defence, there are times when you need to take a more pragmatic approach. For instance, if someone grabs hold of you from behind and pin the arms to the body, use a fast squat to drop quickly to the ground.

Then, take a wide stance and rotate your hips sideways before striking the opponent with your palm. With the attacker off balance, you will have time to lunge and land an elbow to the stomach.

5. Palm Strike

Slightly different from a punch, a palm strike involves keeping the hands open and striking opponents with the muscular portion of the wrist. This reduces the chances of injuries, so you can land repeated blows to nullify the attacker’s threat.


It will take time to master martial arts, but once you learn these 5 basic moves of Krav Maga, you will at least be able to protect yourself.

Krav Maga experts always emphasize the importance of being aware of your surroundings and practicing mindfulness. It helps you get combat-ready for real-life scenarios, and you also can practice these moves in a home gym with everyday objects.

But for more advanced lessons, contact a professional training centre today!